The Do’s And Don’ts Of Mobile Computer Ownership

We carry out a lot of authorised apple repairs in NZ, as well as other world-leading brands. Many of those repairs are preventable. With some extra care and attention, the devices we service could have kept on working the way they’re meant to. After all, modern computing devices have come a long way from the days of flaky, unreliable machines of old. With careful use and attention to a few key factors, you can expect years of troublefree use, and less need for our electronic and I.T repairs. 

To help you keep your device in excellent working order, here are a few tips you can follow:

  • Don’t put stickers over vents/ports. This can lead to overheating which, in turn, can cause serious damage and even fire.
  • Never use a portable device on your bed. The blocking of ports and enclosing the device with insulating blankets can lead to overheating and a heightened fire risk.
  • Always always use the correct charger/accessories. Mismatched voltage and amperage can reduce the life span of your battery, or even wreck the device entirely.
  • Keep the device away from heat sources and liquid, even if it is water resistant.
  • Use only the correct cleaning products and methods when it is time to sanitise the device.
  • Use an anti-virus/security package and don’t access dodgy sites. A lot of our service work is done on devices that have had their security compromised.
  • Never provide personal information, credit card details, passwords etc on sites that don’t include the secure padlock icon (in the address bar to the left of the web address.
  • Keep your device up-to-date e.g. firmware updates, software/OS updates. Don’t keep deferring updates or ignoring update suggestions.
  • Don’t leave items on your keyboard. You’ll be amazed how many people come to us after they’ve left a pen or other item on their keyboard, then later closed the lid. A broken screen is often the result.
  • Use a Service Plus cloth or microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe your device down

It is not difficult to follow those steps and to keep your portable device working the way it should. Remember, things like laptops are far more reliable than they’ve ever been and a little attention now will see less need for repairs in the future. However, should the occasion arise and you do need the expert assistance of our service technicians, contact us and we’ll resolve any issues as soon as we can.