We recognise you have the choice of service providers. Service Plus seeks to define itself by providing an outstanding customer experience:

Communication: Our New Zealand based contact team are complimented by automated email and txt progress updates to ensure you get the information you need, when you need it.

Systems: Our in-house developed systems integrate with suppliers, logistics providers to automate tasks that are usually difficult and time consuming to perform. Online booking and tracking of cases makes your life easy, and custom reporting ensures KPIs are being met for regular customers.

Technical Expertise: We’re authorised or approved by the leading manufacturers. Our certified technicians are trained to vendor specifications and the highest industry standards.

Nationwide: We cover the whole of New Zealand. Our branches in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin include customer lounges and fully equipped workshops. We cover regional and remote areas with our integrated courier solution, PlusPak, to achieve the fastest resolutions possible.

Personal Service: We are all about the people. Our friendly support staff are available to assist… because we recognise that not all circumstances are the same and you may require special assistance. We’re keen to help.

Yes. In Auckland and Christchurch, there is customer parking at the front of our premises. In Wellington and Dunedin, there is free limited-time roadside parking in front of the premises, and paid parking nearby.

Customers are free to choose where they get their products serviced. However, using an unauthorised or uncertified repairer can result in many issues. Non-genuine parts, poor quality repairs, and further damage being incurred, are common issues that we see. However, the biggest issue is that customers often lose their ability to seek a remedy from the manufacturer or retailer if they have had unauthorised repairs in the past.

Service Plus is primarily a repair services provider and doesn’t normally sell new finished goods.  We do sell electronic parts (subject to manufacturer restrictions), and also sell surplus or pre-used products from time to time.  We usually offer these through our TradeMe store:


You can pop in to one of our branches directly, and complete the logging process there. Alternatively, you can hit Log My Repair at the top of this page and complete the form before sending/dropping the device in for service. Regular customers can Log In to our portal to book and track repairs, or can utilise our electronic data interfaces to log cases directly from your own systems.

Primarily we need the device that is damaged/faulty. If any accessories may be contributing to the fault, please bring them as well. We hold power adapters for most common products, but it is a good idea to bring them with you as well.

Some manufacturers have systems that can estimate when a product was sold, but that is not always accurate. Additionally, manufacturers sometimes require a copy of the proof of purchase when determining warranty or CGA coverage.

A proof of purchase is usually an invoice or receipt from the retailer. It should include date of sale, serial number/model number, price, and store brand/contact details.

Some repairs (e.g. iPhone batteries or displays) can be performed same day. In most other cases, parts will need to be sourced which can take from 1 day to 2 weeks or more. In all cases we need to assess the device first to confirm the required service.

The time taken for repair is influenced by a number of factors.  Our default line is “three to five working days” but that is subject to parts availability, time taken by customers to respond to quotes, difficult diagnoses, etc.  For iPhones, there are certain repairs that we aim to complete within one working day such as display and battery replacements.

Assessment fees apply where the cost of diagnosing, assessing, and reporting on the issue is not likely to be covered by the manufacturer or insurer.  Once we have assessed the case, we will quote if extra costs apply.  If the cost of the service ends up being covered by the manufacturer or insurer, we refund any assessment fee that has been paid previously.

Our current Assessment fees are detailed at the bottom of our “Log My Repair” page here.


We have branches in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin. We cover the whole of New Zealand using integrated courier and delivery services.

You can log your case online, then send your product to us via Courier. We recommend you pack your product well to avoid damage, and include contact details in the box. To make it easy, we offer our PlusPak service in which we will send you a box including instructions, packaging, and a return label. You can then pack the goods, affix the label, then arrange the courier to collect, or drop it off to your nearest NZ PostShop for delivery.  Alternatively, our e-Pak service involves sending you an email image of your courier ticket which you print and affix to your package.  Note, charges apply for these enhanced courier services.

Yes, Service Plus works with all major retailers , so you can take your product to them for service. Just make sure you say you’d like Service Plus to handle the repair.


If you feel that the manufacturer or retailer should cover the cost of your repair we can provide an assessment report which includes the fault description, diagnostics results, condition inspection report, parts required, and quote. An assessment fee applies.

Categorising issues gives customers, manufacturers, insurers, and retailers helpful guidance when seeking to resolve a situation. Service Plus generally defines issues within the following categories: Consistent with customer induced damage; Consistent with electronic failure; Consistent with materials/mechanical failure; Consistent with wear and tear; Consistent with software/configuration; or Unable to replicate issue.

Yes, you may have rights under New Zealand regulations. If you feel your case should be covered by the manufacturer or retailer, you should raise the issue with them first, then we can provide a report which confirms the state of the device and our assessment. If you are not satisfied with the resolution provided, you can make a claim through the Disputes Tribunal (a fee applies).

The Consumer Guarantees Act provides the following primary remedies: Repair, Replace, or Refund, depending on the circumstances. Generally, Service Plus can provide repairs. If you seek a refund or replacement, you should contact your retailer or the manufacturer.

Yes, in most cases we can repair devices from overseas (some exceptions apply). Where the product has an international warranty, and we are authorised to service the product, we usually require the proof of purchase to complete the service. If the product is out of warranty, we can perform chargeable service. Note that parts may take longer to arrive for products bought overseas.


Yes, Service Plus works with all major insurance providers in New Zealand. We can provide a full assessment, report, and quote which can be presented to your insurer to evaluate the claim.

In most insurance cases, our assessment fee applies. Usually, this fee is covered by the insurer as part of the claim.

If an excess applies on your insurance policy, we can either charge you the excess and charge the balance to the insurer, or we can charge you the full amount and the insurer pays you the balance excluding the excess.

Yes, we work with the major extended warranty providers in New Zealand. You should log your claim with the provider first, then specify that you want Service Plus to handle the case. Once you have a claim number, we can take it from there.


Service Plus has EFTPOS terminals at each of its locations and permits payment by:

  • Credit and Debit cards: Visa, Matercard, American Express, Diners Club
  • EFTPOS incl. contactless payment
  • Electronic bank transfers
  • Credit accounts may be set up for regular customers subject to application criteria
  • Note that we do not accept cheques, layby, AfterPay, or Bartercard


Yes, Service Plus has a 90 day parts and labour warranty to cover the possible eventuality that our repair fails. Note that the Consumer Guarantees Act also applies to work that Service Plus performs.

Service Plus is endorsed by most major manufacturers, retailers, and insurers. Where Service Plus is an Authorised Service Provider, we can provide warranty, consumer law, chargeable, and insurance repairs. We are generally qualified and certified for most other brands and categories which means we can perform non-warranty, chargeable, and insurance work.

Service Plus sources genuine parts from the authorised suppliers for all major brands. In some cases, Service Plus will offer non-genuine parts if they are significantly cheaper or more available. In these cases the parts supplied are of the same or better quality than the genuine parts.

Service Plus is at the mercy of the spare parts supply chain. We hold stock of faster moving items but the complexity of holding parts for the wide variety of brands and models in the market means we rely on the supply chains of manufacturers. In most cases, parts take 3 to 5 days and ship from regional logistics centres overseas. Note that batteries can take longer to arrive due to IATA restrictions on lithium batteries.


Generally not… but we will need to access your device in order to test and repair it. Therefore, you should remove the login and password/passcode before presenting your device for service. Of course, you should re-instate the security measures after service is complete.

Service Plus takes no responsibility for lost data. You should always back up your data prior to service (it is good practise to back up regularly anyway). However, if your device has failed before you could back up your data, please let us know and we may be able to attempt a data recovery (a fee applies if successful) or refer you to a specialist.

Service Plus takes due care to avoid the chance of data security breaches but we cannot guarantee data privacy or security. The nature of hardware and software repairs means data may be visible to our staff and other involved parties. If you have sensitive data on your device you should take action to remove it prior to service.


The Apple Find My Device security feature can be used to find a lost or stolen device, initiate remote erasure, or mark the device as lost or stolen should it go online again.

Apple requires the device to be removed from the Find My account before service work can proceed. This confirms that you authorise the service, and minimises the risk of stolen or lost equipment being illegitimately serviced.

For more information on how to turn it off – please see this article

Yes, in many cases we can repair iPhone batteries and displays on the same day as we hold genuine parts stock for most models. Note that conditions apply and we need to receive the device before 2pm in order for it to be completed before we close. If we identify any other issues with the device, we will report back to you and it may take longer to complete the service.


Manufacturers / Vendors

Apple Customer Support: 0800 127753 or 0800-1-APPLE

Sony Playstation Support: 09 801 1235

Toshiba/Dynabook Support: 0800 445 439

HP Support: 0800 441 147

Acer Support: 0800 223 769

Dell Support: 0800 335 540

Lenovo Support: 0800 446 833

Xplore (Motion Computing) Support:

Philips Monitors Support:

BenQ Support:

Navman Support: 0800 466 286 or 09 481 1600

Sony Customer Care: 0800 766 969

Sony Mobile Communications: 0800 100 150


Service Plus works closely with all leading retailers in New Zealand.  These companies take pride in their quality and seek to resolve customer queries and issues quickly and effectively:

Cyclone Computers: 0508 436 225

Digital Arena: 0800 327 362

Fujitsu: 0800 800 035

Harvey Norman: 0800 088 144

JB HiFi:

Lexel: 09 414 1777

Noel Leeming: 0800 44 44 88

PB Technology: 09 526 9200

RevIT: 0800 007 007