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What to Do When Your Apple or Toshiba Doesn’t Start Up
You’re in the middle of typing an important document or on a critical Skype call when your computer suddenly crashes or switches off. It’s not responding to your usual prompts, and you have no idea how to recover your previous work or get it to come on again.
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How to Keep Your Laptop Cool to Avoid Unnecessary Laptop Insurance Repairs
At times, laptops give no warning before they stop working. In other instances, they do, but we fail to notice them. One of the most common reasons laptops die is overheating. An obvious sign of overheating that many people fail to notice or ignore is when your laptop’s fan starts making a lot of noise, and the underside of the machine is very hot. Many assume that both of these things are a normal result of use, when in fact they’re warning signs of impending damage.
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