How to Keep Your Laptop Cool to Avoid Unnecessary Laptop Insurance Repairs

At times, laptops give no warning before they stop working. In other instances, they do, but we fail to notice them. One of the most common reasons laptops die is overheating. An obvious sign of overheating that many people fail to notice or ignore is when your laptop’s fan starts making a lot of noise, and the underside of the machine is very hot.  Many assume that both of these things are a normal result of use, when in fact they’re warning signs of impending damage.

Here’s what causes laptops to overheat and red flags to look out for. Paying attention will help you determine whether you can troubleshoot the problem yourself or need to seek professional laptop insurance repair.


If you suspect heat might be causing your laptop problems, all you need to do is install one of the many free temperature monitoring applications available for Apple and Windows devices. These will tell you the temperature of your laptop’s internal components. If temperatures exceed 70°C, you should shut your machine down and take it into a professional service centre.


A common cause of overheating is dust blocking your laptop’s air grilles. The heat your computer is generating cannot be dissipated because the fan outlets are blocked, and the fan itself may be clogged up. A blast of compressed air is usually enough to clear debris from grilles and get your fan moving again.

Most modern laptops have built-in thermal throttles that slow down use when your laptop overheats. Older models don’t have them, which means they require constant airflow. Avoid using older laptops on flat surfaces like beds as this blocks airflow and leads to overheating. It’s essential to prevent overheating in older models as it makes their internal components melt together.

A third cause of overheating is using non-genuine computer accessories. You might think you’re saving money with an off-brand charger or battery, but these can exacerbate heating problems.


While the above problems are easy to fix yourself, many overheating-related issues must be fixed by professionals. For example, if you suspect your laptop’s fan isn’t working, it might need replacing. You also might need to back-up your data and update your software to a version that doesn’t make your computer work so hard!

There are so many problems that only a professional can detect. When your laptop isn’t working correctly, won’t turn on, or is overheating, call Service Plus. We are a dedicated repair service provider for HP, Samsung, LG, Dell, ASUS, Acer and Lenovo laptops. We have branches in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, but service the whole of New Zealand.