Why iPhone Screen Repairs Should Only Be Done By Authorised Professionals

We’re well aware of the kits you can buy online should you wish to carry out your own iPhone screen repair. We also know of websites with step-by-step video tutorials on the same subject. With all these products and advice, why would you come to us for your repairs? The answer is simple. We’re authorised by Apple to repair their products, and we can help you avoid many of the issues that can arise out of DIY iPhone screen repair. These issues include:

– The quality of the glass replacement screen in the repair kit might be quite inferior especially in comparison to a genuine Apple screen. A non-genuine screen probably won’t be as strong and robust and may chip and crack over time. This can cause shards of glass to become lodged in your fingers.

– On a genuine iPhone screen, your fingers should glide smoothly over the glass. A non-genuine screen might not be as smooth which can affect your overall user experience.

– If your screen is not replaced with perfect precision, you might tap on an icon and not get the result you’re expecting. This is because the screen wasn’t calibrated properly after the repair, and it only takes a minute variation to make a huge difference. Our technicians carry out a calibration process using a genuine Apple tool to ensure it is properly calibrated after the screen is repaired.

– We have often heard of fingerprint scanners not working properly after a DIY screen repair.

– It takes specialist tools and skills to disassemble an iPhone. When attempting your own repair, you can damage internal parts when removing the screen.

– Trying to carry out your own screen repair can affect the status of your warranty and insurance. By asking us to do the job for you, you will still be covered to what you are entitled to.

– The non-genuine replacement screens for iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 11 are often LCD displays instead of their original – and genuine – Apple OLED displays. This disparity becomes most evident in the LCD’s inability to deliver a “True Black” on the display.

While you may be tempted to take the “cheap” way out by making your own repairs, you could end up paying much more in the long run. By contacting an Apple Authorised iPhone Service Provider like us, your phone will be in the best of hands and the repair will be carried out by Apple-trained professionals. When you understand how complex every iPhone repair is, you’ll also understand how important that is.