How to Fix an iPad When the Screen Goes Black

As Apple authorised repairers, we understand more than most the true potential of iPads, from the inaugural model in 2010 to the most recent release. The powerful touchscreen tablet has long been a go-to for students, salesmen, designers and casual internet browsers. iPads are ideal for personal and professional use alike. Versatile, easy to use and with access to the App Store, iPads offer solutions to most digital quandaries. That’s why it can be frustrating to encounter technical issues. One problem iPad users may face is the screen going black. Let’s look at some ways to fix your iPad when the screen goes black.


Check the Battery Level

Always start with the easiest solutions. The first thing you should do is check the battery level. We’ve all assumed a device was broken to only find it’s out of juice. If your iPad is not charged, it will not turn on. Plug your iPad into a power source and wait for a few minutes. If the battery is completely dead, it may take a while for the iPad to start up.


Perform a Hard Reset

If the battery is not the issue, the next step is to perform a hard reset. To do this, press and hold the home button and the power button at the same time until the Apple logo appears. This will reset your iPad and may solve the problem.


Check for Software Updates

Sometimes, a black screen can be caused by a software glitch. Check if there are any software updates available for your iPad. If there are, attempt to install them and see if the problem goes away.


Restore Your iPad

If none of the above solutions work, you may need to restore your iPad. Connect your iPad to your computer and open iTunes. Select your iPad and click on the “Restore” button. This will erase all data on your iPad and install the latest version of iOS. Make sure to back up your iPad before restoring it.


Contact Service Plus

If none of the above solutions work, and you don’t wish to restore your iPad, contact Service Plus, the authorised Apple repairers. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will work to diagnose the problem and suggest a solution for you. iPads are sensitive devices made from the very highest quality components. Using genuine Apple parts, we will aim to repair your device to its previous standard of use. 


If your iPad requires a service or repair, get in touch with us today to book your job online and we’ll take it from there.