Why We Ask You To Disable Find My Device

As you’ll be well aware, Apple’s Find My Device is a great security feature, in keeping with the brand’s overall excellence. It can be used to track down a lost or stolen device, initiate remote erasure, or mark the device as lost or stolen should it happen to go online again. But when you require an iPhone screen repair or any other type of service work that we provide on Apple devices, we will ask you to disable that feature. You might be curious as to why we want you to do this, as you feel it may compromise the security of your device, so here’s the explanation.

The requirement to disable Find my Device is actually a directive from Apple itself. Having said that, it’s one we very much agree with. After all, the device has to be removed from your Find My account before we can proceed with any service work for you. This step is vitally important as it confirms that you actually authorise the service in the first place – without that, we’re in something of a holding pattern and can’t do anything to resolve the issue for you. Furthermore, disabling Find My Device minimises the risk of stolen or lost equipment being illegitimately serviced.

We hope that explains everything for you and that you can see why we ask you to take such a step. Your security and privacy are important to us every step of the way, from the moment you book a service job with us until the day we return the device to you. Disabling Find My Device is just one of the layers of security that enable us to best service your device with your approval, and stops anyone else from tampering with the device should it be lost or stolen.

If you do need us to service your Apple device one day, and when we ask you to disable Find My Device, you might be a little unsure of how to do it. We invite you to check out this article that shows you the steps to follow. If you’re still unsure what to do, or simply want more information on Find My Device and all of our other security measures we employ to best protect your device, feel free to get in touch with us. The team at Service Plus will be delighted to go through it all with you.