Why It Can Be Better To Repair Than To Buy

By asking us to service your electronic device, be it an iPhone repair or something larger like a PC, you’re doing the world a favour. By choosing to repair your existing device rather than purchase a new one, there are a host of environmental, social and economic benefits. They include:

  • Less plastic and packaging. Buy any new product these days and you’ll notice an abundance of plastic and packaging, to the point of overkill. Much of that material isn’t recyclable and goes into landfill. Plastics, in particular, may take hundreds of years to break down, if at all. By sticking with the device you have, and opting to have it repaired, you reduce your plastic and packaging footprint. If everyone followed your lead, the environmental impact would be enormous.
  • Reduced E-waste. Very much along the same lines as the plastic and packaging we’ve just discussed. Disposing of one device so you can replace it with another will often see the old one go into landfill, and that will continue every time you buy new. By repairing, you break that cycle. However, if you do decide to replace, we can offer you a range of options that will manage the end-of-life process and ensure goods are returned, disposed of, or recycled appropriately.
  • The value of E-cycling. We do acknowledge that you may want to upgrade to a new device, but instead of simply discarding what you no longer want, you should explore E-cycling options. Many devices are made up of valuable elements which can be used again. For example, an iPhone might contain small amounts of gold, silver, palladium and platinum, as well as copper and aluminium. In fact, the medals to be awarded at the postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics were made from recycled phones and other electronic devices.
  • An environmentally friendly option. A repaired device is better than one which is thrown away. The toxic chemicals, materials and metals, which are perfectly safe when contained within a well looked after device, can leach through landfill and into groundwater systems. The environment is much better served when more of us take a more caring approach by repairing or recycling.
  • A repair keeps it local. By choosing to have your device repaired, you’re keeping more money in the local economy, rather than sending most of it overseas, which is usually the case when buying a new product.

Please contact us for repair and E-cycling services that allow you to prolong the life of your device, and benefit the environment and community at the same time.