iPhones Fixes You Can DIY – And When You Should Seek Apple Repair Services

Digital devices such as mobile phones and laptops have revolutionised the way we live, work and communicate to the extent that we often can’t do without them. And yet, like all sophisticated devices, they’re subject to breakdowns and damage. Troubleshooting straightforward issues can save you the cost of professional repair services, as long as you know which common iPhone problems can be solved without help – and which require professional assistance from an Apple repair technician.

Battery Life Issues

If you’ve recently upgraded the iOS on your phone, it’s typical to experience a downturn in battery life. This is due to the new iOS restoring or re-installing backup files and apps. Before replacing the battery with a new one, wait a day after the upgrade and then test the battery life of the phone while on standby mode to determine battery power use. Once you’ve done this you can reboot, restart and reset the phone. Don’t forget to check your battery usage in your settings to see which apps and services are draining battery life so that you can delete non-essential ones.

iPhone Issues

If your phone isn’t charging, check that there are no signs of damage to your charger or charging cables. If there are no signs of breakage, check that the charging ports are not damaged and that the connection between charger and power outlet is firm and secure. If you’re still encountering problems, it is best to have your iPhone battery and charging cables tested at an Apple repair service centre.

Connectivity Issues

Problems with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity occur more frequently than you might think. Connectivity issues on iPhones can happen whether you’ve upgraded to a new iOS or if you haven’t updated it at all. The first step is to rule out any issues with your Wi-Fi router by testing whether other devices like your iPad or MacBook can connect. If it’s only your iPhone that can’t connect, try rebooting and restarting. Once back on, make sure your phone is not in aeroplane mode. Go to your network settings, delete your existing Wi-Fi connection by clicking on ‘Forget this Network’. Search the connection again and try to reconnect.

If you’re still encountering issues with your iPhone, you’ll require the services of a professional Apple repair technician. For efficient and reliable repairs of all Apple products In New Zealand, contact Service Plus. We are an authorised Apple repair service provider.