Computer & Laptop Insurance: What You May Not Be Covered For

Please do not be complacent with the insurance policy on your computer and laptop. You might think your insurance will cover all eventualities, including repairs or theft, but certain exclusions could lead to a costly denied claim. You may need to adapt your policy; if you don’t, these situations might not cover you:

Repair Restrictions: 

This is of the highest importance. Most insurance policies will not cover computer or laptop repairs or maintenance if unauthorised service providers, including the owner, conduct that work. Insurance companies are unbending on this, highlighting the need for all repair work to be done by an authorised service provider like Service Plus. Another problem with having laptop and computer repairs done by unauthorised service providers is the work is generally substandard, not to mention the parts.

Distinguishing Between Home and Business Use

This area is often overlooked by owners of laptops and computers but often leads to insurance companies saying “no” to a theft claim. Computer devices used for business purposes or to earn an income must be listed as “business tools” or a similarly defined term as used by your insurer. Meanwhile, computers for personal use can be covered under standard home contents cover. Claims for a specific burglary type (home or business) will only include computers classified under the same cover type. For example, the laptop you use for work will not be covered under a standard contents policy, and this is a frequent source of frustration for people making a claim that is eventually rejected.

Laptop Portable Cover Considerations

Did you know that laptops must be covered as an “out-of-office” or portable item to be covered for theft outside of listed premises? If you did not know that, you are not alone. While the ability to take a laptop with you anywhere you go is one of the main reasons you own one, you need to ensure it is covered as a moveable device if it happens to be stolen away from your principal place of work. You need to be aware of this grey area when insuring the device.

Alarm and Security Measures Impact

If your insurance premium has been calculated with a building’s alarm system or other security measures in mind, take extra care. The failure to arm security systems, or if the equipment is not in working order when a break-in occurs, it is highly likely the cover on a laptop or other computer devices stolen from the property will be void.

These are just a few situations you must address with your insurance provider. Others might include laptops left in plain sight, e.g. on the front seat of an unlocked car, or malicious damage, abuse and negligence that may rule a claim invalid because of specific circumstances and behaviour. You have always been urged to “read the fine print”; where insurance is concerned, that is a piece of intelligent advice. It’s time to take another look at your policy and ensure you are fully covered. Chances are that, right now, you are not.

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