What to Do to Avoid Requiring a MacBook Fix

Your laptop is precious to you. It’s where you store your most intimate photos, write assignments and proposals, keep in touch with others and listen to the latest music. If anything happened to it, you’d be inconvenienced, even if you do back all your data up. Accidents do happen, and yet the most well looked after Mac will eventually need a little TLC. Here’s how to avoid having to fork over for a premature or preventable MacBook fix so you can keep enjoying it without any complications.

1) Use A Cord And Cable Organiser

Your Mac is a hub of activity. You could have it plugged in and charging, with your headphones in while you listen to music – and a data cable charging your iPhone at the same time. A common cause of damage to Macbooks is when they’re yanked while still connected to something, causing cable damage or damage to the ports of the machine. To prevent this, invest in desktop cable organiser. It will also keep your workspace tidy.

2) Have A Formal Workspace

Working with your MacBook on your lap or at the kitchen table is risky. All it would take is one spill of a drink to damage it. Rather sit at a desk so that you aren’t tempted to try and eat, snack and drink and work at the same time, decreasing your chances of creating a mess and spilling something on your laptop.

3) Only Use Approved Accessories

Tempted to cut corners by purchasing cables or chargers from a dubious seller? You might think you’re saving money buy you don’t know what you’re purchasing. Chargers are especially susceptible to this as fake ones often use voltages or outputs that can cause long term battery damage over time.

4) Use A Case

Your MacBook should have a reinforced case that’s been water tested and drop tested. Accidents happen, and you’ll most likely drop your laptop at some point. A good case will ensure that you aren’t faced with a cracked or broken screen.

If you find yourself with a broken laptop, don’t panic. There are places where you can get an affordably priced Macbook fix, such as Service Plus. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.