What to do if you crack your iPhone screen

The likelihood is, if you’ve owned a few iPhones over the years, you’ve cracked a few screens. It’s a frustrating thing to happen and means you have to buy a brand-new phone, right? Not necessarily. The decision to buy a new smartphone or invest in a screen repair can be a big decision. When asking family and friends for advice, you can often get several different and conflicting answers, which only exacerbates the situation. At Service Plus we understand that finding the best way to deal with a broken device can be confusing for many of us. That’s why we’ve put together an expert guide to help you decide.

When Should I Replace My Device?

Often, choosing to replace your smartphone with a new device will be the most expensive option. However, in rare cases, the device may need to be replaced. If your smartphone has multiple generations, it may cost less than repairing its screen. In this case, you may want to consider selling it in its current state and buying a new device. But as an authorised iPhone Repair service, Service Plus uses only genuine Apple parts to repair your phone. It also doesn’t matter if you bought your phone overseas, second-hand or off the Apple website. We fix screens on iPhones for much less than you’ll spend buying a new phone.

Smartphone Screen Repair

If your broken smartphone just needs a quick screen replacement, it can easily be restored to its former glory at Service Plus. Choosing an authorised screen repair service is the best option. Repairing a device instead of replacing it means you can enjoy your current smartphone while the latest technologies are being developed and released, save money and not add to the growing concern of e-waste. Repairing rather than renewing is a win-win situation as you get more out of your old phone and access better features when you do finally upgrade.

Buying Vs. Fixing

It makes too much sense to get your current smartphone fixed so that you can enjoy it longer. When making a decision, consider the small amount of time and cost of repair services compared to the high price and research time needed to purchase new. This information can help you make the right decision in your situation.

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