What Makes For A Top Quality Computer Repair Service?

We’re an authorised Apple repairer, and we also have the authorisation to service Toshiba and Xplore. As well as this, we work on other major brands including Dell, HP, and Lenovo. Our experience and track record as a service centre speaks for itself but we know you have a choice when it comes to selecting a repairer. To help you make the right choice, we want to share our thoughts on what makes for a top-quality computer repair service.

Experience: With experience comes knowledge, expertise, and a reputation based on hundreds if not thousands of customer reviews. Plus, in many cases, it helps a service centre receive accreditation from brands like Apple or Toshiba to work as authorised repairers. As the vast majority of the population now owns a computer, many unauthorised and unskilled repairers have opened for business, ready to capitalise on the growing need for repairs. They may offer a cheap fix but they lack the in-depth knowledge required to do a good job. On the other hand, if you were to ask us about our experience, we’d tell you that we’ve been doing this since 1994. To have been around for that long, we’ve obviously been doing something right.

Reviews: In the Google era, it is easier than ever to check a company’s reviews. Customer feedback is authentic and credible and it’s the best way to forecast the level of service you’ll receive.

The Use Of Genuine Parts: Authorised repairers will use genuine parts which will return the device to the best possible condition. On the other hand, the parts used by unauthorised repairers are generally of poor quality and not even “like for like” e.g. LED displays replaced with LCD or replacement batteries with less battery life than the original.

A Quality Repairer Will Cover You: A good computer repairer will guarantee the standard of their work while offering you coverage in other areas including warranty ( including manufacturer and third party), consumer law, non-warranty, insurance and contracted service level agreements. Avoid any repairer who won’t look after you in this respect.

The Best Service Centres Have The Best Technicians: Don’t be afraid to ask who will be doing your repair and what credentials they have. For example, everyone in our technical team is certified and qualified to work on all devices. As an authorised service centre for leading brands, we must meet stringent training and certification of our technical staff. Not every computer repairer has that same level of expertise and training, and this is why you are well within your rights to ask about their skills and qualifications.

Turnaround Time: This is obviously important to you, and another thing you should check. Protracted service time indicates that the technical team lacks experience in resolving certain issues and are unsure how long it will take. It could also signify that the device will be sent off-site for repair by an unknown and possibly dubious service centre.

All of these things will help you make the right choice if you’re looking for computer repairs. A good service centre will be happy to discuss any of the points we’ve made above and answer your questions. So getting in touch with a service centre as part of your search is recommended; if they don’t answer your questions to your satisfaction, you should continue your search for a computer repairer. With that in mind, we invite you to contact us and discuss your requirements. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.