We’ve Been Here Since 1994: Why That’s Important Today

In 1994, mobile phones were rare in New Zealand. They looked like house bricks and were such a novelty that anyone seen using one stood out from the crowd. The same went for other forms of technology; laptops, tablets and smartphones were years away from becoming the household items they are today. After all, the first iPhone wasn’t released until 2007.

So why are we talking about 1994? Because that’s when we opened for business. In the years since we’ve become one of the largest independent IT and electronics services companies in the country. This has allowed us to build a bank of knowledge and technical skill that few other companies can match.

Over the years we’ve noticed a proliferation of companies trying to provide technology repair services. This is not surprising considering the widespread ownership of devices that weren’t even invented back in 1994. More than 80% of Kiwis own a smartphone, and just as many have computers in their homes.  There’s an increased demand for service and repair as a result, and that’s why so many companies are out there – they’re keen to cash in.  In most cases, they are unauthorised repairers and usually short-lived.

This means you have a choice. Some companies will do all sorts of cheap deals to secure your business. At the same time, they might also offer you some less appealing things:

  • They might not use genuine parts
  • They might not be authorised which can have insurance repercussions down the track
  • They might be unqualified and lacking the technical skills required to do a good job
  • As a result of the above, there may be safety issues with the repaired device.  Electric shock, battery fire, and cuts from inferior quality screen glass are examples of these risks
  • They might be “pop up” stores who will soon vanish and not offer the back-up service you need

You should also note that you could miss out on entitlements that you may not be aware of.  Sometimes manufacturers will cover repairs even if the product is out of “warranty”.  This may be due to a “service program” or the Consumer Guarantees Act where the manufacturer acknowledges its responsibility to resolve issues beyond normal warranty coverage.  A quality authorised service provider will be able to arrange the appropriate cover.

That’s why it’s important you deal with a company that has been around for a while and has no intention of going anywhere. That’s certainly true in our case. We have attained authorisations from Apple, Toshiba, BenQ, Beats Audio, Philips and Xplore, and are certified to service other brands, including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer and ASUS. You don’t build up that sort of portfolio overnight; it takes years of experience and outstanding customer service.  In many ways, it’s an insurance policy for you; when you contact us , you’re contacting a company you can trust. That’s why being around since 1994 is a source of pride for us, and highly reassuring for you.