We’re Your Beats Audio Specialists

Since 2014, Beats Electronics, manufacturers of Beats Audio speakers, headphones and earbuds, has been a subsidiary of Apple. The Beats company was originally founded by hip hop icon Dr Dre and music producer Jimmy Iovine in 2006. They set about producing audio devices that combined style, high levels of comfort, and a sonic signature that emphasised bass, which was a trait particularly appreciated by fans of hip hop and dance music. Under Apple’s ownership, these characteristics are still to the fore and this means Beats Audio enjoys enduring popularity right around the world, including New Zealand.

Because Beats is now a big part of the Apple family of brands, we have become familiar with the name and all of the different devices manufactured in the Beats Audio stable. After all, we are well known in New Zealand as authorised Apple repairers for items like iPhones and Macbooks, so it isn’t surprising that we have reached the same status for Beats Audio.  When it comes to Beats repairs, no company is better qualified to make them than Service Plus.

As New Zealand’s Beats Audio authorised service provider, we carry out high-quality and legitimate work on this brand. That includes warranty, non-warranty and insurance repairs for all Beats audio equipment such as those speakers, headphones and earbuds we were discussing before. Because we are Apple (and Beats Audio) specialists, we have access to genuine parts and receive the latest training from the company itself. This means the device is serviced using the latest techniques and equipment, which are things that unauthorised repairers don’t have at their disposal. That’s why they can’t guarantee an impeccable repair. It’s also why the sound quality on the “repaired” device is often not as good as it should be.

On the other hand, when we carry out service work on Beats Audio devices (and the same applies to all of the other Apple products we are authorised to service) those devices are in the best possible hands. Skilled and trained technicians using the right equipment and techniques, all authorised by the company that manufactures the devices in the first place, all add up to an excellent result.

If you own Beats Audio devices and require a repair, we are the first company to contact for a job well done. We make it easy to book a job and can assure you that your favourite piece of audio equipment will be handled professionally while it is in our skilled hands.