Toshiba Not Turning On? Here’s What to Do Before Seeking Out a Data Recovery Service

There’s no feeling worse than sitting down in front of your laptop and discovering that it won’t turn on. What could have caused it and more importantly, how can you get it on again? Hopefully, you’ll have backed up all your data onto a hard drive, but realistically speaking many of us forget to do this as often as we should do. This can put you into a total panic when your Toshiba not turning on – as it means you’ll need to seek out a professional data recovery service to get what was stored on it back. Before you contact Service Plus for assistance, try these tricks instead.

1) Test It

Often the simplest cause of a problem is the most obvious one. In this case, it means the problem doesn’t lie with your laptop in the first place. Find another plug and device and attempt to turn them on using the same plug point. You could find that it’s your adapter or plug point that isn’t working – and not your machine.

2) Plug It

Your next step will be to determine if the problem lies with your battery and not your laptop. Does it indicate that it’s on and charging when connected? Are all parts of the charger connected and fully functional? If you have a friend using a similar model you can ask them to try to charge it. You might find that it’s your charger that’s dead, making it seem like your laptop is the problem.

3) Remove It

Tried step 1 and 2 and still nothing? Take out your laptop’s battery and try to charge it again. If your laptop comes on at this point, you know the problem lies with the battery, which is usually affordable to replace.

4) Clean It

Take a look at the port into which the charger plugs in. Does it seem clean? Dust can build up quickly, keeping it from making a connection. A blast of compressed air should do the trick.

5) Cool It

If you use your laptop for hours at a time with little rest, you could be inadvertently keeping it in an overheated state. Overheating can cause damage, so it’s advisable that you invest in a fan or cooler to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

Tried all these hacks and your Toshiba is still not turning on? Then you need to speak to professionals for assistance. Contact Service Plus for assistance getting back on track.