The Risk Of Using Non-Genuine Parts In Repairs

We often speak about unauthorised repairers offering services that are not reputable, and using parts that are non-genuine. We feel very strongly about this issue because we’re authorised or approved by leading brands, and we have to comply with the highest standards to ensure we return the repaired device to its owner in the best possible condition. On the other hand, unauthorised repairers often take shortcuts that do far more harm than good. They don’t have the skills and the on-going training to do a decent job, and they’re certainly not approved by the companies whose brands they are working on. And then, there is the thorny issue of the non-genuine parts they use.

As far as non-genuine parts are concerned, there are very significant risks in using them. Here are just a few examples:

  • The parts used by unauthorised repairers are generally of poor quality and very often they are not even “like for like” e.g. LED displays replaced with LCD, or replacement batteries with less battery life than the original component.
  • Non-genuine batteries pose a fire risk. For example, a third-party battery may not be properly manufactured and the materials may break down, leading to a short circuit.
  • Power supply components, such as non-genuine chargers, have been known to cause electric shocks ranging from mild to severe.
  • Non-genuine iPhone replacement screens are not as strong as genuine Apple screens. When they crack and splinter, shards of glass can become lodged in your fingers.
  • A lack of manufacturer support for future failures is almost certain when you choose an unauthorised repairer who uses non-genuine parts.
  • The risk of embedded spy technology resulting in private data exposure.
  • An iPhone screen often includes the display, touch sensor, front-facing camera, speakers, microphone, home button, and fingerprint sensor. A non-genuine replacement often contains functions that don’t work.

For all of these reasons and more, we strongly urge you to resist the temptation of a cheap and dubious repair. We highly recommend you contact a service company like us, who is authorised by the brand you own and has access to genuine parts. For your safety and satisfaction, it is far preferable to know where the parts are from, and when you choose a company like ours, you can rest assured they’re genuine. Best of all, those parts are used by highly trained and certified technicians who know what they’re doing.