The Benefits Of Data Backup And Data Recovery

We see data recovery as one of the more important services we offer. This service allows people to gain access to vital and often sensitive information that might otherwise be lost when a device fails for whatever reason. 

We provide first level data recovery services, and if the project is outside our scope we can recommend specialists who will do their best to help you. Our recovery service also encompasses transferring data from your old device and onto your new one. 

Data is a somewhat clinical term for material that often has great sentimental or personal value for individuals. It could include family photographs, video footage, music, passwords, medical records, bank account and credit card details. For businesses, that data is just as invaluable and might consist of accounts, wages and taxation records, debtors and creditors, customer details, leads and prospects, records of previous transactions, product catalogues, current and impending project plans, and so much more.  

To lose any information like this, be it personal or commercial, is potentially devastating, and that is why we place such high importance on our data recovery service. However, as hard as we and recovery specialists try, there are occasions when data can’t be recovered and it is lost forever.

This highlights the importance of regular data backup. It allows for sensitive material to be copied and stored elsewhere, and these days much of that storage is cloud-based. Most larger corporations have a dedicated data backup strategy in place, and this is usually handled by a third-party service provider. But it’s alarming how many individuals and small to medium businesses fail to regularly backup their data to a secure place. They might have a misguided belief in the infallibility of their devices, or are unaware of the ever-growing threat of cyber theft and other data security risks. They might think that their current office software, like Office 365, is backing up data for them…yet they don’t realise that this software often has limitations and data backup is usually only temporary e.g. 14 days.

So while we are happy to carry out data recovery for you, we believe that you can increase the security and accessibility of that information by copying and backing it up on a regular basis – every day is ideal. There are plenty of companies who can do this for you, and given how valuable the information is that you keep on your devices, it’s well worth engaging their services. For more information on data recovery and advice on data backup, feel free to contact us.