Should You Really Fix It Yourself?

Should you really fix it yourself? When it comes to repairing your digital device, the internet seems to think you should. Let’s say, for example, you have a faulty iPhone screen. You go online seeking advice and you’ll be inundated with hundreds of sites that proclaim to have all the information you need to resolve the problem for yourself. This “advice” is usually provided by enthusiastic amateurs instead of professionals currently working in the industry. They might mean well but their knowledge is usually second-hand and has been passed down from dubious sources, making it outdated, irrelevant and, in the vast majority of cases, wrong.

Furthermore, this misinformation is given to you based on all of the following false assumptions:

  • That you have the technical skill and experience to match that of highly trained Apple-certified service technicians.
  • That you have the specialised equipment needed to make intricate repairs to complex devices.
  • That you have access to genuine replacement parts.
  • That there’ll be no ongoing warranty issues if you fix it yourself.
  • That there’ll be no ongoing warranty issues if you use non-genuine parts.
  • That you’ll have no insurance issues if you fix it yourself.
  • That you’ll have no insurance issues if you use non-genuine parts.
  • That you won’t damage other parts of the device while attempting to make the repair.
  • That the device will operate safely and won’t present any dangers after you’ve finished.
  • That the device will operate adequately after you’ve completed your DIY repair.

When you see all of these assumptions listed like this, it becomes plain that attempting to repair your device yourself is not a smart thing to do. There is so much that can go wrong during the repair itself and in the aftermath of that DIY fix-it job e.g. warranty and insurance. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Attempting any repair on a complex digital device without the right training, skills, equipment and parts can never end well.

You’ve invested good money in your device. To get the most out of that investment and keep it operational for longer, you really should have it repaired by authorised professionals when problems do occur. The consequences of doing it yourself when it comes to repair work makes the DIY option a poor one. So, when issues arise, ignore all the advice and information that you’ll see online and contact people who actually know what they’re talking about.