Is it More Cost Effective to Repair or Replace Your Broken MacBook Screen?

One of the most frustrating problems a person can experience is a broken laptop – and if you’ve ever dealt with a broken LCD screen you’ll know that it can render your MacBook virtually useless. It could be something that happened in an instant after you dropped it or spilled water on it – or something that’s a natural result of years of use or wear and tear. When screen issues arise, you have two ways to resolve the issue: replace or repair the LCD screen. So which would be better for your pocket and unique situation?

Questions To Ask When Deciding Whether You Should You Repair Or Replace Your MacBook’s Broken Screen

Deciding whether to repair or replace your laptop is a major decision for most MacBook users. The cost of repairing a broken screen – repair services, spare parts and the cost of retrieving data – can sometimes be the more cost-effective option when considering what the cost of replacing an entire MacBook with a new model is. However, this isn’t always the case. If you aren’t sure which of the two options to choose, answering these questions will help to make things clearer:

  1. Is the cause of the screen problem to do with a hardware fault or software problem?
  2. How valuable is the information/data stored on your MacBook? Is this data irreplaceable?
  3. Can you detect signs of hardware damage such as water damage or evidence of deterioration?

The best step forward is to have a professional technician at a reputable repair centre specialising in MacBook and Apple devices give your MacBook a diagnostic check and provide you with a quote for the repair. They will ask you the above questions, and you can decide whether it’s worth buying a new MacBook or simply repair the broken screen.

MacBook broken screens can be repaired easily by a qualified Apple technician at a fraction of the cost of replacing one. An authorised trusted MacBook repair service centre like Service Plus is best placed to offer quality repairs using quality parts and accessories to ensure the integrity of your Apple device. We repair digital devices of major brands across New Zealand.