To Repair or Replace: Deciding the Fate of Your MacBook’s Broken Screen

A shattered MacBook screen can be a MacBook user’s worst nightmare. Whether the damage is the result of a sudden mishap or from years of wear and tear, the dilemma remains – should you repair or replace a broken screen? As an Apple-authorised repairer, Service Plus aims to guide you through the thought process to make a choice that aligns with your budget and unique situation.

Considering the Costs

The primary concern when faced with a broken MacBook screen is the cost involved. Repairing a broken screen entails service fees, spare parts and the potential cost of data retrieval. However, this might still be a more economical option compared to the expense of replacing the entire MacBook with a new model. 

Detecting Hardware Damage

Examine your MacBook for signs of hardware damage, such as water damage or visible deterioration. Identifying the root cause of the issue will help you determine the most appropriate course of action.

Hardware vs. Software Issue

Determine if the screen problem is rooted in a hardware fault or a software glitch. In some cases, software issues can be resolved without significant expenses, while hardware faults may necessitate a more substantial investment.

Data Value

Assess the value of the information stored on your MacBook. If the data is irreplaceable and crucial to your work or personal life, investing in screen repair might be a more prudent choice than risking data loss with a new device.

Seeking Professional Guidance

Rather than making a decision in the dark, the best course of action is to consult a professional technician at Service Plus. We can provide diagnostic checks and quotes for repairs. During this process, you will be asked the crucial questions mentioned above, allowing you to make an informed choice between repairing the broken screen or investing in a new MacBook.

Quality Repairs at Service Plus

MacBook broken screens can be expertly repaired by our technicians. Service Plus is dedicated to delivering quality repairs using genuine parts and accessories. Our commitment is to ensure the integrity of your Apple device while providing cost-effective solutions. Contact us today to book a repair of your device.