Five Points to Consider Before Attempting a DIY Computer Fix

When experiencing a problem with your computer, it’s tempting to try to solve it yourself. Troubleshooting is ok for some problems, such as those that just require a setting change. However, for more severe issues such as hardware problems (or those caused by a factor unknown to you), professional help is recommended. Here are just five of the many points to consider before attempting a DIY computer fix:

1) Do You Know What You’re Doing?

Come on, be honest – just because you have successfully managed to solve network problems or figured out how to unfreeze a frozen computer screen doesn’t mean that you have the skill to take your computer apart and put it back together – in proper working condition. Be realistic about your technical abilities – unless you are confident that you know what you are doing, don’t attempt to repair a broken laptop or computer.

2) Is The Warranty Still Active?

If the warranty is still active, any unauthorised repairs (or attempted repairs) are likely to void it. Most warranty agreements clearly state the requirements a service provider has to meet to be considered an approved repair service provider and uphold the warranty terms.

3) Can You Guarantee Data Security?

Efforts to repair a computer without having the required experience may risk losing some or all of your data. This is often unrecoverable information. Unless you can guarantee data security, think twice before taking a shot at fixing your computer.

4) Is There A Risk Of Further Damage?

Without proven knowledge and practical expertise, your computer repair endeavours may not only fail to achieve the desired results but may lead to you causing more damage in the long run.

5) Do You Know How To Prevent Threats Successfully?

Activities such as downloading diagnostic software to help with your DIY repair attempts may result in you exposing your laptop to online threats and even dangerous viruses. You may unknowingly be creating more serious problems for your computer than the one that you encountered in the first place.

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