Our Parts Are Worth The Wait

As an authorised Apple repairer, we use genuine parts in repairs. This is as important to us as it is to you. By using authentic parts we can make sure there are no problems with returning functionality and performance to the device, while we can also stay on the right side of any potential warranty and insurance issues. This certainly isn’t the case with non-genuine parts used by unauthorised repairers.

When it comes to genuine parts, there may be a small delay while we source them for you –  but we believe that any wait is well and truly worth it. We are at the mercy of the spare parts supply chain. While we do hold stocks of faster-moving items, we service such a wide range of brands and models that keeping every single part in stock is not practical. As such, we again rely on the supply chain to provide prompt delivery of some parts. In the vast majority of cases, that delivery process is very efficient and we are able to complete our service work within an acceptable time frame. However, things like batteries can take longer to arrive due to IATA restrictions on lithium batteries. Having said that, batteries are items that we generally have a good stock of and that is why we are able to offer a same-day repair service in many cases.

Our contract with Apple stipulates that we only use genuine parts for Apple repairs. We occasionally use non-genuine parts for non-Apple products but prefer to use genuine components sourced through the official channels. However, if non-genuine parts are significantly cheaper or more readily available, we can give you that option. Unlike most of the non-genuine components used by other companies, the ones we have are of the same or better quality than genuine ones – we would never use parts that are inferior or might adversely affect the performance of your repaired device.

The quality of the parts we use at Service Plus reflects our desire to carry out service work of the highest standards. As an authorised Apple dealer and repairer, as well as a leading service technician for many other brands including Toshiba, Lenovo, HP, Acer, ASUS and Dell, we know that our work is judged not just by what we do, but also by the parts we use. We stand by our parts, and not everyone in our industry can say that. That’s why we always recommend that you contact us for the best work and the right parts.