Macbook: A Quick Guide to Repair vs Replace

Repair or replace? A question you’ve either asked yourself or not really considered in the past. The instant-disposal mentality we all suffer from is hurting the environment and hurting your pockets. We’re here to help you understand the benefits of opting for repair in the e-world, an expert guide.

Perhaps the most important reason to repair rather than replace is the sheer amount of electronic waste we’re currently producing globally. This year alone, Earth is on course to produce 57.4 million metric tonnes, growing to over 60 million by 2023. By the end of the decade, the projected figure sits just shy of 75 million! E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world and quickly becoming the most worrying. For our and future generations, change is needed to transform our ‘replace culture’ with one of ‘repair’.

On a personal level, you won’t just be helping to save the world one MacBook at a time, you’ll also be saving a pretty penny by removing the need to purchase a brand new Apple product with another because of a fixable fault. Our certified technicians are always on hand to assess your device and diagnose its problem.

Time is money. Would you rather spend time researching a replacement MacBook or save that time by having an expert from Service Plus fix it? Repairs are usually much qucker than you might imagine, all whilst saving you money. It seems like a no brainer, right? But we understand how enticing the thought of opening the box of a shiny new laptop can be. As that initial excitement starts to wear off, you’ll most likely fail to see the benefits a few extra functions make in your day-to-day use when you could spend that money elsewhere. On new headphones or gadgets, whatever you desire.

With the growing cost of electronic devices these days, the only way to maximise their value is to maintain them and repair-as-you-go. Anything else and we’re afraid you’re selling yourself short. Apple products require specialist service centres. Service Plus is one of those authorised to perform repairs using only genuine Apple parts. We’re a premium service provider, as recognised by Apple. You should never allow unauthorised repairs on your Apple products as they use non-genuine parts which may further damage your device. You can contact us now for more information on how we can help.