Laptop upgrades & maintenance service

We get it. Skipping software updates because they take too long or you aren’t technically savvy and get nervous you’ll do something wrong is understandable. Many people do this which makes updates seem insignificant. They are, however, there for a reason – to protect your device and keep it running at its peak performance. Unfortunately, neglecting updates is a mistake that opens the door for hackers to access your private information, putting you at risk for identity theft, loss of money, credit, and more.

The more harmful malware attacks take advantage of software vulnerabilities in operating systems, browsers and more. These large programs require regular updates to keep them safe and secure. So instead of procrastinating about software updates, let the experts at Service Plus take care of it for you.

Software updates can include new or enhanced features, improving your devices compatibility with different applications. They can also improve the stability of your software, and remove outdated features. We ensure all updates make the user experience better as well as help to get the most out of your technology by identifying ways to approach updates.

As well as updates, regular maintenance services can:

  • Prolonging life of the laptop: Regular servicing will help your unit run better and last longer.
  • More efficient: Laptops lose up to 30% of its efficiency if not serviced. An accumulation of dust and dirt will reduces its efficiency by clogging up air vents which should be cleaned properly so your laptop can breathe.
  • Prevent overheating: This can also cause overheating; especially in summer. This can be for various reasons year-round too, like a damaged fan. Regular laptop conditioning service will make sure the unit is always running smoothly and all these problems are caught early on.
  • Minimise repairs: The experts at Service Plus will catch issues before they become big problems. Smaller issues caught soon will be cheaper to fix and means you won’t be without devices for long periods of time.
  • Precautionary measures: At the end of a service, a report will explain the health of the laptop and precautionary measures may be suggested moving forward, all to look after your laptop and keep it running smoothly.

Trusting Service Plus means you’re placing yourself in one of New Zealand’s largest IT and electronic hardware repair service providers. Get in touch with us today to book a service or report a problem.