Keeping Your MacBook Protected

Your MacBook is your assistant, entertainer and diary in one – so you don’t want to be without it for even a second. Protecting it will require a three-fold approach. There’s its physical protection, which entails keeping it from getting damaged or scratched; software protection that keeps it protected from viruses and hackers, and security protection to prevent it from being stolen. Here you’ll see how to keep your MacBook protected in more ways than one.

Physical Protection

If your laptop gets damaged, MacBook broken screen it’s more than just an eyesore; it can affect the way your laptop functions. If you’re working while on the move, you should get a case or a bag along with a screen protector to prevent scratches and nicks and minimise the chances of your laptop falling.

Every other day you can keep it clean by wiping it down with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Be sure not to spray any liquids directly on your laptop. Store your laptop in a cool, dry place when not in use and keep it away from moisture sources.


A MacBook is an expensive asset to add to your list of devices, and having it stolen can be devastating. Aside from making sure that you have insurance on your devices, you can get a laptop lock which ties it to a fixed object. If you’re unable to get a lock, you can make sure never to leave your laptop unattended.

Software And Data Protection

Always back up all your data on an external hard drive that you can keep separate from your laptop in case of theft or loss, as well as on a secure cloud online. If you have password protected apps and programs and fear forgetting these passwords, you can get an app that stores your passwords making sure that you’re secure but never get locked out. Also, install antivirus software to make sure that your laptop is safe from any harmful downloads or people who might try gain access to your website.

Taking good care of your laptop ensures that your MacBook will never need to be fixed and always runs smoothly. You can always have a reliable service centre on hand such as Service Plus who for authorised Apple services.