How to Avoid Expensive MacBook Repairs

You take good care of your MacBook as you understand how costly damage to it can be. But sometimes as careful as you may be, accidents still happen. Here you’ll see some tips and tricks that you could use to avoid expensive MacBook repairs and keep yours working for longer.

Common MacBook Issues

MacBooks more frequently sustain damage to their screens, keyboards, and batteries. It’s important to pay special attention to the screen of your laptop because it can get cracked, scratched and damaged quite easily. Avoid touching it unnecessarily or eating and drinking while using it, as this can lead to spills and marks. The most common damage to keyboards is because of spills or accumulation of dust. Again, avoid bringing liquids near your laptop. Keep it clean by using a dry cloth and makeup brush to dust and wipe it once it’s shut down to remove dust and crumbs that may have built up.

There are some other general tips that you could use to prevent any damage to your laptop:

  1. Follow simple battery maintenance and care by trying to fully discharge it before connecting it for charging – and unplugging it once it’s charged.
  2. Make sure you don’t pull, stretch or bend your laptop cables.
  3. Avoid blocking the air vents of your laptop so that it doesn’t overheat.
  4. Don’t close your laptop roughly or slam it shut, because this can damage the screen and keyboard.

Avoid DIY Repairs

MacBooks have not been designed to accommodate DIY repairs and maintenance as they don’t share internal components as other major brands often do. If an accident does happen and you find yourself in need of repairs, take it to an authorised MacBook repair centre or Apple store instead of performing open laptop surgery yourself. In the process of doing DIY repairs, you could cause more damage.

A Speedy Fix

Should the worst case scenario happen and you find yourself in need of urgent laptop repair, a cost-effective solution would be to take it to an authorised repair centre. They’ll work on it on site, unlike an Apple store that might send it to their repair centre. Secondly, you’ll receive updates and progress on your laptops repair status. Finally, because they’re an authorised repair centre, you don’t have to worry about getting fake parts. You will get original parts with quality handiwork at a fraction of the cost.

Life doesn’t always allow us to avoid accidents from happening, so if you do find yourself with a MacBook broken screen or damaged MacBook, visit Service Plus for assistance.