Hang on! Don’t Trust Some Amateur With Your Expensive Apple Device Repair

So you’ve had your iPhone or MacBook for a while and it’s been great. Premium hardware coupled with the latest in mobile software is reason enough for any modern person to want to own a product from this brand. Just make sure you keep enjoying it for years to come by investing in legitimate Apple device repair.

An Apple device is a cutting-edge tech device, and while it may be enticing to trust an IT-loving friend to take a look at your device for a fraction of the price (or post-work drinks), have you thought about the true cost of this risk? If you think something is wrong, it’s better to trust the highly skilled technicians at Service Plus, who know every complex mechanism in an Apple iPhone or MacBook, inside out. They assist clients with their Apple digital devices daily, and there are serious benefits to trusting an expert as opposed to an amateur with the job.

All Protocol Observed

Getting your Apple device fixed at an official Apple store can be costly. If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, an independent repair company like Service Plus is the answer. Our technicians are qualified and conversant with standards set by companies like Apple, so we comply with them too. We use guideline documents, industry knowledge and experience to offer informed solutions where your Apple device requires repair.

No Room for Trial and Error

Qualified technicians give you the peace of mind of knowing for sure that the job is done right. Our focus is on finding lasting solutions, so you don’t have to spend money on repairs in that offer temporary fixes. We stock high-quality, genuine, replacement parts and keep up-to-date with the latest software, so our service is just as good as if you went directly to Apple.

Save on Costs in the Long-Term

It’s likely that a device repair will cost less than a replacement. If you entrust someone with the relevant know-how, you can get your Apple device repaired and use it right until the next amazing model is released before replacing it.

Contact Service Plus for all your Apple repair needs – we’ll go the extra mile to get your device back in top shape.

Call our toll-free number: 0800 00 77 22 or send an email to service@serviceplus.co.nz.