Beats Headphones: Don’t bin, repair

Headphones from the petrol station are one thing, but quality branded headphones are another. Beats by Dre headphones have built a reputation for style, quality and performance over the past several years. Unfortunately, as with all audio devices, issues can arise from time to time. Music is a way of life. Can you imagine travelling on the bus, the train, flying or walking without your music? Without the serenity of Beats’ noise-cancelling headphones? Even if your headphones are broken, you don’t have to be without them for long as Service Plus provides repairs for headphones, earbuds and speakers.

Headphones can fail for any number of reasons, from frayed wires to a broken charging/battery port. When a problem arises, your first impulse might be to start shopping for a new pair. But it could be a lot cheaper to get your headphones repaired. Not all issues can be fixed but for those that can, Service Plus are here. You’ll find a number of audio and electronics shops that will do headphone repairs, but they probably aren’t a Beats Audio Authorised Service like us. Bring your Beats to us and we will help diagnose what’s gone wrong with your headphones and give you a quote of how much you’ll need to pay for a repair. First things first, diagnosing the problem. Here is a list of issues you may have had:

Audio on Wired Headphones Cuts In and Out

The problem could be a broken or disconnected cable or the jack, the metal tip that plugs into your phone or other devices. These are common problem areas but usually the easiest to fix.

Sound Is Quieter or Distorted on One Channel

Odds are that you’re looking at a busted driver, which essentially is the small speaker inside the headphone. Damage from water or dust, physical damage, or a manufacturing flaw is the most likely cause. Drivers for many models can be replaced.

Headphones Won’t Turn On

This situation can be caused by a number of different issues. The first step is to see whether a different charging cable or battery solves the problem. All rechargeable batteries fail eventually, though performance usually drops off gradually.

Other Physical Damage

If you have earphones, rather than headphones, and the rubber tips that fit in your ears get lost or damaged, or if the foam pads that sit on or over your ears start to deteriorate, we do stock these parts.

Authorised Repair Service

Being an authorised repair service, it means we only use genuine parts for all Beats Audio equipment, including speakers, headphones and earbuds. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our repair services.