Authorised iPhone Repairs

iPhones are one of the world’s most popular lines of smartphones, designed by Apple Inc. At the start of 2007, the first generation was announced by former-CEO Steve Jobs and billions have been sold since. With a multi-touch screen, there isn’t much you can’t do on an iPhone. From high-definition photos and videos, music, video, games and millions of apps, iPhones are available in various sizes and storage. As good as iPhones are, they do occasionally break. It could simply be a cracked screen or something more serious.

If you do have an issue with yours and need an expert to look at it, come to Service Plus. We are the Apple authorised iPhone repair experts, available in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. Here are some frequently asked questions we receive:

Why should I go to an Apple authorised iPhone repairer like Service Plus?

There are a number of reasons to use an authorised service. Firstly, we only ever use genuine Apple components in our repairs. Using non-Apple parts could cause issues in the future. We also have access to the full suite of Apple support and resources to make sure our work is of a high-quality standard. Being authorised means our technicians are all certified and trained to meet Apple standards.

Does it matter where I bought my iPhone?

No. We don’t mind which store you bought it from. Whether it was bought directly from Apple, second hand or if you purchased it overseas. Service Plus will still be happy to help.

Does my network affect anything?

No. We are network independent which means we can assist with iPhones working on any telecommunication providers’ network. Your network might be Spark, Vodafone, 2degrees, Skinny Mobile, Slingshot, Digital Island, CallPlus, Compass or another. We’ll fix your phone regardless.

Do you do warrant repairs and CGA claims?

Yes. Service Plus can help with warranty and non-warranty repairs, insurance cases, extended warranty work and CGA claims. We understand how much users rely on their phones in this day and age and we aim to repair phones quickly with our top quality service and return them to you back in top working condition as soon as possible.

If you experience any issues with your iPhone contact Service Plus today and we will be more than happy to take a look at your phone, diagnose the issue and repair your phone.