Apple Trusts Us, So Can You

We’ve spoken a lot about being an Apple Premium Service Provider. That’s because it is important to us and it should be just as important to you. As the owner of an Apple product, be it a Macbook or an iPhone, there’s little doubt you love the device and the brand. Apple’s brand loyalty is legendary: about 87% across most major markets which is staggering, especially when compared to other major technology companies.

If your Apple product arouses similar devotion from you, and you need a Mac repair, iPhone screen replacement or suchlike, you’ll want to know your device is in the best of hands. That’s why our status as an Apple Premium Service Provider should be totally reassuring for you. It shows that Apple trusts us, and means you can trust us too.

As a premium service provider, we’re recognised by Apple as achieving excellence in all metrics. This includes quality, processes and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Apple trusts us to perform insurance, warranty and non-warranty repairs on all models of Mac and iOS devices. To help us do the best possible work, Apple provides ongoing training to our service technicians and gives us access to genuine parts.

All of this sets us apart from other repairers. Apple obviously wants to preserve that brand loyalty they’re renowned for and they rely on companies like us to help them keep it that way. They don’t give away the title of Apple Premium Service Provider to just anyone, so when someone is awarded that status it says a lot about their standing as a reputable, skilled and experienced service centre.

We’re part of a select group of service centres; one with an endorsement from Apple. The majority of repairers don’t have the same backing. They’re unauthorised, they don’t use genuine parts, and they lack the technical skills to service Apple devices to the very highest of standards. They may do more harm than good to the device they’re repairing. Apple doesn’t trust them, and neither should you.

Your Apple device, be it an iPhone, a Macbook, an iMac, Apple Watch, or even Beats Audio, means too much to you to have it serviced by just anyone. You need to be as fussy as Apple when choosing a service centre, and that’s why you should trust your repair to a premium service provider like us. We’ll treat your Apple device with the respect it deserves.