Insurance: Your Apple Device May Not Be Covered for Unauthorised Repairs

If your iPhone, iPod, Macbook or any other Apple device is insured, don’t assume that it’s covered for all repairs. Depending on your insurance service provider, the terms of your policy may specify that only service and repairs done by an Apple authorised service provider are covered. Now, this does not mean that your device has to be taken to an Apple store – you have to ensure that the supplier you use is an approved Apple repair centre. Here are some of the reasons that insurers demand that only certified service providers are used for repairs:

Only Approved Parts Are Used: Only Apple-approved repair service providers can obtain genuine parts directly from Apple. The use of non-genuine parts can compromise the functioning of your device, and most insurers won’t cover it after that.

Expertise: Approved service providers are required to use Apple certified Macintosh technicians when handling covered repairs. These technicians have to undergo rigorous hardware and software training before being certified, as well as pass regular recertification exams. This level of expertise gives the insurance company peace of mind that only qualified professionals are involved in the repair process.

Service Quality: To become (and remain) an Apple authorised service provider, a repair centre has to maintain the highest levels of service quality. Apple reviews and audits service providers to confirm that these standards are met. This includes complying with the relevant insurer requirements.

Warranty: Authorised providers can prove that certified repairs took place. This is vital both for the repair claim, as well as for the overall warranty. Unauthorised repairs void the warranty altogether (even if the repair is unrelated to a later issue).

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