Another Reminder Of The Importance Of Using Genuine Parts

Apple has recently released a support document that highlights, yet again, the importance of having an iPhone repaired properly. That is, by an authorised Apple repairer who uses genuine parts.

In this case, Apple was referring to the replacement of an ‌iPhone‌ camera and the need to do it like for like – in other words, replace a genuine iPhone camera with a genuine iPhone camera. In the document, it was deemed just as important that the work was carried out by a certified technician because repairs undertaken by non-certified technicians could result in a lack of full function or issues with image quality. Of course, safety is also a major concern, with Apple saying improper repairs could leave loose parts that might lead to battery damage, and that’s just the best case scenario. The consequences are often much, much worse.

When it comes to a non-genuine camera, Apple warns of potential compatibility or performance issues, and several things that could go wrong and affect the performance of the camera. These include:

  • The camera does not focus correctly or images are not sharp
  • When using Portrait mode, the subject might not be in focus or only partially in focus
  • A third-party app that uses the camera might freeze or quit unexpectedly
  • Real-time preview in 3rd-party apps might appear blank or might get stuck

It’s not the first time Apple has released a document warning against the use of non-genuine parts, not to mention, work being carried out by non-certified technicians. The company has previously advised against engaging unauthorised repairers who use parts from dubious sources, such as non-genuine display components. It won’t be the last time either, as the marketplace continues to swell with a growing number of repairers. Sadly, not all of them are certified, or skilled, or experienced. And as for the parts they use? We hate to think where they come from and the sort of damage they can cause.

Apple is not alone in warning consumers about non-genuine parts and service work being carried out by uncertified and unskilled people. We’re constantly advising against opting for cheap parts and labour because it’s almost inevitable that a second rate-job will need fixing up. To avoid unwanted expense and do the job properly, you’re always far better off engaging the services of an authorised Apple repairer who knows what they’re doing, and who uses parts that are actually made to work in the device.