A Safe Repair No Matter Where You Live

We’re living in the COVID-19 era, and while lockdowns have thankfully eased, we maintain the strictest safety and hygiene standards when offering our repair services. Repairing a device is very much a hands-on process for our certified technicians, but every care is taken to ensure safety and hygiene remain a top priority throughout the entire process – this process extends from receiving the device to returning it. The goal is to return not just a repaired device. We want to return a safe one as well.

This is a very important part of how we work and it is greatly appreciated by our clients all over the country. Whether it’s an iPhone repair in Wellington, an Apple repair In Auckland, or a repair on another brand sent in from anywhere in NZ, we have a range of measures in place that ensure our customers and employees stay safe. 

We’re not sure if other service providers are being as careful and as stringent as we are. But you are well within your rights to know what measures your prospective service provider is taking to provide you with a safe repair. With COVID-19 in mind, you might want specific information on what is being done to minimise the risk of virus transfer. We can’t speak for others but we can certainly speak for ourselves. As far as we’re concerned, these safety and hygiene measures include:

  • The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Maintaining social distancing in our branches
  • The installation and ongoing use of perspex shields
  • Minimal interpersonal contact during the entire process
  • Provide a contactless service where possible such as online logging of jobs, using couriers to deliver devices etc
  • Sanitising at time of booking, when allocating a device to a technician, and when returning the repaired device to the customer.
  • Contact tracing of clients who come into our Service Plus branches
  • Frequent and thorough surface sanitising right throughout our branches in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

These safety and hygiene measures are an effective and necessary response to the current challenges we all face. They’re now a part of our routine and firmly embedded into our service offering to you. Whether you bring a device into a Service Plus branch in our larger cities or book a job online, we’re providing a safe repair no matter where you live.